Change of Plan

27 06 2011

View of the Caribbean Sea from the reataurant at El Morro castle

My plan had been to return to Santiago de Cuba for five weeks from this Wednesday (29th June) and to start writing the blog regularly again. Unfortunately, since returning to England, I have received some very bad and highly unexpected news regarding my health, which has led me to have to cancel my flight and any plans I have for returning to Cuba in the foreseeable future.

The thing that I hoped would be interesting about this blog was the perspective of a foreigner living in Cuba’s second city and writing about everyday life as free as possible from the baggage that many commentators have when writing about Cuban matters. However, to do that I need to be on the ground, not writing from afar.

I will therefore not be writing any more posts until, hopefully, one day in the not too distant future I can return to the city from where I have such happy memories.



14 responses

28 06 2011

Lynton – very sorry to hear your news. We are back in Cuba for 3 months in late August so I will raise a glass of cerveza to you on arrival!
May things improve very rapidly for you.
All the very best.


28 06 2011

Damn it, I’m sorry. I was enjoying your posts and living in Santiago with you vicariously just a bit. Wishing you a speedy recovery for your return to good health, Michael.

28 06 2011

I really enjoyed your posts about this city I love. I wish you a prompt recovery and an equally prompt return to La Ciudad Heroe. Get well soon!

28 06 2011

Best of luck getting over the illness Michael. Its a shame you won’t continue blogging as I have found your posts helpful and interesting. I was also going to try and tap you up for a beer & a chat later on in the year when I am in Santiago.

28 06 2011

So sad to hear of your change in plans. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Havana, Cuba

28 06 2011
George Hamilton

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Leyton. I have enjoyed your blogs on Cuba and look forward to reading many more in the near future,

28 06 2011

Get well soon mate, I look forward to reading more from your excellent blog again in the near future.

29 06 2011

Apologies Michael for writing Lynton and not Leyton as you are known on Thorntree. It was very early in the morning!

29 06 2011

I repeat what others have said- thank you for all of your efforts at capturing Cuba on paper (well, sort of paper…) and may you be in Santiago again soon…..

4 07 2011
Michael N. Landis

I’m sending you all my hopes for an eventual and complete recovery. I have really enjoyed your writings, fotos and videos, which capture the Heroic City through your unique and wonderful sensitivities. You simply HAVE to recover so you can write more, not only about Santiago, but also about whatever else in this wide and wonderful world piques your interest!

6 07 2011

I’m very sorry to hear that. I hope that you get well soon!

17 08 2011

I’m very sorry to hear it. I’ve just spent over an hour reading through your blog and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you get well soon and I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future.

24 08 2011

Que te mejores pronto!

13 12 2011
Paul Stone

Hope you get sorted as soon as possible. I have great empathy being both an old socialist school mate and (currently) living in the socialist paradise of Planet Thanet! As you say ‘It’s not easy’. Take it easy mate.

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