Change of Plan

27 06 2011

View of the Caribbean Sea from the reataurant at El Morro castle

My plan had been to return to Santiago de Cuba for five weeks from this Wednesday (29th June) and to start writing the blog regularly again. Unfortunately, since returning to England, I have received some very bad and highly unexpected news regarding my health, which has led me to have to cancel my flight and any plans I have for returning to Cuba in the foreseeable future.

The thing that I hoped would be interesting about this blog was the perspective of a foreigner living in Cuba’s second city and writing about everyday life as free as possible from the baggage that many commentators have when writing about Cuban matters. However, to do that I need to be on the ground, not writing from afar.

I will therefore not be writing any more posts until, hopefully, one day in the not too distant future I can return to the city from where I have such happy memories.


Looking Out

17 06 2011

The outlet from the Bay of Santiago to the Caribean Sea, as seen from the marina at Punta Gorda

Sailing Away

10 06 2011

View of a ship sailing from the bay of Santiago out to the Caribbean sea, taken from the Frank Pais memorial garden.

Sierra Maestra (Urbana)

3 06 2011

The view eastwards along Avenida Victoriano Garzon, with the tower blocks of the Centro Urbano Sierra Maestra on the right, known to most people in Santiago de Cuba simply as the “dieciocho plantas” (eighteen floors). On the top two floors of one of these blocks is a restaurant (see review from February) and an ice cream parlour (see picture and review from January).

In front of the dieciocho plantas is one of the major interchanges for buses, camiones and maquinas heading to the east and north east of the city.

This is the road that is blocked to traffic each week for the Noches Santiaguerras.

In the background is the Gran Piedra mountain range.